Retail returns
For brands, checking returns from retailers are time- and cost consuming. Cycleon's retail returns solution gives you full insight & control in commercial returns.

Retail returns

We check the returns, you get the insights

Returns from retailers can cause significant problems for a brand as many organizations don't have the time or resources to investigate or count the commercial returns before sending a refund to the retailer. This creates significant differences between the stock returned and the refunded items.

Get a grip on retailers 

Cycleon's Retail Returns program has an interface which communicates with the retailers preferred method of shipping. Also, it focusses on the local verification of 'Return Merchandise Authorizations' / RMA's. For relevant item categories this verification can for example include 'Dead-on-arrival' checks. Further quality assurance and sorting can be performed to ensure that only resellable items reach the distribution centre. For less-than-pristine items Cycleon offers a Refurbish & Resell program.


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Services from our menu for retail returns:

  • Parcel and pallet logistics
  • Pre-alerted and scheduled delivery
  • Consolidated forwarding
  • Registration of items
  • Grading/ quality control
  • Reports


Together we can combine, add and change services from our services menu untill we have established the perfect solution for your organization.

New services become available as we are continuously developing; a service can always be added or removed according to your organizations needs.



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The benefits of this solution:

  • Insight on item level 
  • All items are verified against RMA documents 
  • Gain full insight in retail returns 
  • No warehouse disruption through returns
  • Better insight in returned stock quality
  • Gain control over retailers' demands