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Our smart service solution allows you to balance your budget and expectations for each country you operate in.

Service returns

The right balance between speed, costs and customer experience

Especially when repair activities are centralized, fast-paced cross-border logistics can be necessary which brings along high costs. In the meantime consumers are often subjected to complex shipping procedures and poor communication.

A different return flow for each country 

By making use of local carriers, and taking advantage from the cost and speed of consolidated express shipment, we optimize the total turnaround time. Return flows can be adjusted per country, allowing our clients to have the best solution for each market they operate in.

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For service returns we provide:

  • Parcel logistics
  • Label and Track & Trace portal
  • Pre-alerted and scheduled delivery
  • Consolidated forwarding or consolidated express forwarding
  • Aggregated reporting

Together we can combine, add and change services from our menu untill we have established the perfect solution for your organization.

New services become available as we are continuously developing; a service can always be added or removed according to your organizations needs.



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    The benefits of this solution:

    • The right balance between cost and speed; we use best combination traditional and courier flows
    • Manage the expectations of your client through clear tracking communication
    • Smart flows allow different setups for in-warranty vs. out of warranty products
    • For each country you opereate in, we can set up a adjustable flow