refurbish and resell
Returned products are often difficult to put back on stock. Our Refurbish & Resell program allows your organization to recover significant value from the return streams.


Gain maximum value out of each single item

Cycleon sees every return as a business case. Any potential cost in the returns value chain is outweighed against the potential economical value of an item. This data driven approach on value recovery allows Cycleon to make smart use of multiple return and refurbish scenarios, resulting in maximum value for our clients.

Different ways of refurbishing

The Cycleon refurbishment program uses a combination of smart quality control, business rules, and outstanding refurbishment skills to get maximum value out of your returned items whilst protecting your brand image. We go beyond simply liquidating items, but smartly route products and focus on maximizing the quality of returned products by -possibly- refurbishing them. Refurbishment ranges from simple safety assurance and providing new packaging to full functional repair and even polishing surfaces.

How it works

Through smart routing refurbished items can either be returned to your distribution center for in-house resale, routed to outlet stores or resold by Cycleon on B2B and B2C channels, where a profit-share model ensures an aligned partnership. Our clients are in full control of the resell channels and markets, allowing full brand protection and avoiding potential market cannibalisation. Below image shows how we smartly route products:



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Services from our menu for Refurbish & Resell:

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The benefits of this solution:

  • Single products are always smartly routed to the next best destination
  • Smart routing your products is a more sustainable way of doing business
  • We refurbish to 'as new' grade and give you the possiblity to resell
  • Still gain margin on products that would otherwise loose their value
  • Decrease disruption in your own warehouse