Product recall

Product recalls are a liability for organizations, with a high potential risk are of negatively impacting brand value and future sales. Too often organizations have only limited visibility over the reverse logistics chain, preventing them from containing the recall issue and actively taking control.

In case of a product recall; our clients use an advanced recall program instantly, ‘by just a flip of a switch’. Taking away the hassle and time consuming effort of having to start up a recall program, a dormant platform is readily available for use.  It is the difference between a proactive approach or being in a reactive position, which saves the valuable brand identity from significant harmful damage. 

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Your benefits

  • Existing international solutions with local look and feel 
  • Ready to use flexible call centers or web return portals
  • Reverse Logistics Platform seamlessly interfaces with existing supply chain networks
  • Independent and flexible management of both the physical and information flows through transparency and control
  • Minimized negative brand impact of a recall action