Integrated returns management

Integrated returns management

Cycleon offers you tailor made international end-to-end return solutions integrating all of your after-sales requirements. We focus on international operating companies, where we help to reduce complexity and costs, driving your client’s satisfaction.

We develop, execute and manage integrated return solutions, specially tailored to your product return requirements for every step in the product lifecycle. Via our dedicated Reverse Logistics applications and portals we are able to integrate the various key processes. Returning an e-commerce unwanted item, a product in-warranty or fulfilling the end-of-life compliance management, we optimize your process and logistical flows. We provide return solutions for your C2B and B2B channels whether it is a parcel or a pallet return.

Via web portals, call-centers or integration platforms, your customers are able to contact you hassle-free; while simultaneously having real time visibility in the entire return process.

We add value by integrating services such as advanced sorting, content checks, screening and repair activities at local or central return centers, helping you to improve your bottom line. 

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Your benefits

  • One-stop-shop solutions for your entire  product life-cycle and sales channels
  • Reduced complexity with simplified processes
  • Stakeholders are able to focus on their core business
  • Transparency and control through smart reporting and integrations
  • Cost reduction and improved bottom line
  • Optimized Logistical flows