Today’s customers demand a great customer experience, including free options in how to return purchased items. We help you gain customer loyalty by taking the returns out of your hands.

E-Commerce returns

Why returns management is so important

The returns process is a major factor in the consumer buying process. The average return rate for e-commerce orders is 30 percent compared to 9 percent from purchases made at brick and mortar locations. An important reason to develop or optimize your returns strategy.

Cycleon advantages

Cycleon manages international returns for many renowned companies, allowing our clients to benefit from combined volumes, our consolidated logistics solution and our knowlegde, whilst providing unique ease-of-use return options for both our clients and their customers. One uniform global solution, under one contract.

Reduced refund lead time

Cycleon's ecommerce solution combines the ease-of-use and trust of well known local carriers and postal services with the efficiency of consolidated transport. Refund lead times are significantly reduced by local item verification, giving the consumer the benefit of having their money back within 2-3 days.


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Services from our menu for e-commerce returns:

  • Parcel logistics
  • Label and Track & Trace portal
  • Pre-alerted and scheduled delivery
  • Consolidated forwarding
  • Reports


Together we can combine, add and change services from our services menu untill we have established the perfect solution for your organization.

New services become available as we are continuously developing; a service can always be added or removed according to your wishes.



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The benefits of this solution:

  • We manage all  postal carrier contracts
  • A global solution with local return addresses
  • Reduce your refund time to 2-3 days
  • Self service portal for your website where customers can request to return items
  • Your products can be smartly routed to the best-fit end destination. Whether that's back to your warehouse, an outlet center or beeing recycled
  • Gain valuable data insights throughout the return process
  • Outstanding customer experience