Smart routing to repair, recycling or refurbishment

With more than 20 years experience and by working with one of the largest partner networks for refurbishment services, we provide top quality repair and refurbishing services to manufacturers and retailers. We specialize in manufacturer-approved repairing services for bestselling appliances or new types of products.



  • Fully certified ISO - 14001 & ISO 9001 facility accredited capabilities and expertise
  • Fully trained technical specialists
  • We cover more product categories than any other provider

How we work

In our repair process we always perform a complete technical test, where we identify and analyse the fault. After identification a repair plan is made according to the manufacturer or partner’s specifications, taking into consideration:

  • Pre-sorting the goods through smart routing before shipment to our treatment facility. Here we immediately sort out low-value goods to reduce logistics costs and avoid unneccesary treatment. Sorted out goods will be smartly routed to recycling, whilst obtaining necessary legal documentation.
  • Sifting the goods by product category
  • Allocating Cycleon ID's to all items, allowing full traceability throughout the entire process end-to-end
  • Carrying out electrical safety and functional testing
  • Repairing, cleaning and grading product specific lines
  • Packing and labelling according to partners’ requirements
  • Carrying out quality control and warehouse management
  • Design improvements & returns reduction through FMEA (fault mode evaluation analysis)

The benefits of this service:

  • Our repair rates are high within every category which means more revenue for our partners
  • We have a complete traceable system per SKU from sifting to finished goods
  • Full insights on operations, stock status and yields
  • Repairs and refurbishments are done by a skilled labor force in product repair covering a multitude of products
  • Knowledge and use of the latest repair technology for maximum results
  • Spare parts harvesting
  • Technical data gathering


Categories include:

    • Small domestic appliances (SDA)
    • Medium sized appliances
    • DIY power tools
    • Consumer electronics
    • Consoles
    • Home entertainment AV & Hi-Fi items
    • Laptops & desktop computers