Grading and quality control

Our grading and quality control service gives you valuable insights into the key points affecting product marketability, technical performance and reasons found for returning. We prepare market research data and we have the ability to remarket your products through our own channels.

Your organization benefits from the following insights:

  • Customer’s reasons for return
  • Overall stock performance by product category
  • Reference market information by category
  • Recommendations for improving product design, components and functionality
  • Recommendations to avoid critical safety issues
  • Technical analysis by fault found

Our expertise in product testing, production process and technical analysis is proven to be valuable for established brand manufacturers and retailers. The information will help your organization to better market your products and identify products with the need for a performance and/or design upgrade. More insight will be gained as to why some of your products are not performing and valuable time will be saved in selling and remarketing your products on secondary markets. In the end leading to a enhanced consumer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

We test your newly released products 

We offer a independent testing service for manufacturers and retailers, enabling our partners to assess the commercial and technical value of their products before releasing it on the market.

How does it work?

  • We use our product database to match similarities
  • We offer statistical predictions of product performance based on historical data
  • We consult our product category history to identify product faults
  • We verify our data with our partner’s product data, standards and parameters

When the process is completed, the items are sent to your organizatoin along with the testing results, also offering the possibility to market and sell them through our controlled re-selling routes