Different return reasons require varied return solutions. Together we can combine, add and change services from our services menu untill we have established the perfect service for you.

Our solutions

Cycleon is the only returns management partner offering multiple after sales return management services throughout the entire customer journey.

Depending on the complexity of your current and future setup and goals, we can design the right solution for your organization, adding services when and where required. Together we compose your own service portfolio based on your type of returns:


Want to know more?

Get in touch with our team for a tailormade solution for your organization. Together we determine what works best for your specific needs.

The benefits of our solutions:

  • A global consolidated returns network throughout Europe, Australia, Canada and the US
  • All local logistic contracts managed centrally
  • Online self-service portal for your customers with Track & Trace
  • Pre-alerted deliveries to your warehouse
  • You always have the option to smartly route products to the best-fit end destination. Whether that's your warehouse, an outlet center, or being recycled
  • Outstanding reporting tools for additional insight in your returns flow

Each solution is built up of the following services:

1. Portals and Integrations

Returns play an essential role in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Cycleon’s portals are a gateway to easy and automated omni-channel returns. Whether these returns be consumer or business, parcel or pallet, our portals facilitate a seamless returns procedure. To manage returns we use our returns management software which is tailored to your needs. Within our software services we offer a combination of integration possibilities to which align all stakeholders.

cycleon carrier

2. Carrier Contract Management

Our IT-systems integrate with global and local postal services, carriers, and other transport providers to configure the right solution for your situation. We select the services you need, manage the contracts and carrier performance. Our clients get to benefit from the service of different vendors whilst dealing with one single party.

3. Return Processing

In our local and central return centers, we perform several return handling activities. These services can be done to acquire or enrich data on item level. Based on the data, system driven decisions are made to dynamically increase the efficiency of returns management.

4. Value Recovery

We understand that many items can't be reintroduced in your supply chain after they are returned because of demands of the modern consumer or other reasons. Therefore we offer several levels of value recovery services, including reconditioning and B2B as well as B2C resell services.