18 December 2020

Peak 2020 Management

'All our return centers are processing returns at full speed, with double the number of operators.'

Despite COVID-19 lockdown implications in certain countries, the current peak season returns volumes are already 50% higher than the volumes over the same period in 2019. With Germany, the Netherlands, and more countries entering lockdowns, we expect peak to last longer than in previous years. We anticipate that this year, the season will extend into February 2021 and have already put in place all the necessary resources to process an unprecedented volume of product returns in the regions we serve such as Europe and North America.  

 “Our customer success and logistics teams, as well as our returns processing centers, have gone into hyper care mode in the last week of November and we are more than on top of the daily operations. Looking at the number of labels requested, the volume of parcels received, products fully reworked and the number of operators at work, we are breaking records daily” says Arjan Kleinveld, VP of Operations at Cycleon.  

Planning and forecasting are a major part of our operational management which allows our returns centers to scale resources up or down, particularly when it comes to activities such as repacking, retagging, and product reconditioning. Hence why we’re in contact with clients, carriers, transport companies, and return centers daily to best prepare for promotions, events, and parcel volumes, all while complying with COVID-19 measurements, which have not thus far impacted our network performance. 

All our return centers are processing orders at full speed with double the number of operators. The ops team has successfully put in place round the clock shifts to process a phenomenal number of parcels and items for our clients, and ensure that they keep high levels of customer satisfaction, and encourage repeat orders.