25 November 2020

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 3 Quick Returns Tips

Source: Karolina Grabowska, www.pexels.com


1. Offer a clear and flexible returns policy… 

During peak season it’s beneficial to offer customers a clear and flexible returns policy. Not only for consumers but for retailers too! During these e-commerce holidays, various channels such as postal networks, transport, and warehouse activities may suddenly face a sharp increase in volumes and demand. This can cause delays which can have a negative impact on your returns operations, as well as customer experience.  

That’s why it’s important to outline a defined returns policy from the start. When customers are purchasing items online, they should be clearly made aware of the returns procedure. Not only how to return, but also how long they’ve got to consider their order, any costs involved, postal carrier options, and perhaps most importantly, expected refund time.

It also pays to be flexible. Allowing your customers extra time to return items, as well as offering a variety of methods to do so, will help to disperse peak volumes over a longer period of time through a broadened range of channels. Decreasing the pressure on your operations during this busy period.  


2. Provide efficient communication channels… 

Being transparent about your returns process can help to encourage future sales by securing returning customers. It can also help to lower the number of requests received by your customer service. Being clear from the start about the returns policy and procedure will manage expectations. For example, by outlining estimated time frames for transport and refunds, or by offering features such as track & trace, you’ll avoid disappointment and garner trust with your customers.  

Make sure your customers are being informed at each step of the way and have access to a customer service channel for any additional questions or concerns. If good communication is established alongside a clear returns policy, customers are encouraged to shop with you again. Safe in the knowledge that if they need to return something that the process is straight forward.  

A clear communication strategy within returns centers and warehouses will also assist during the peak season busyness. Integrating communicative tools, software, and technology that automate the process will make your returns operation more efficient. 


3. Ensure your returns operation can cope with peak volumes….  

The increased volumes of returns following e-commerce events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday shopping are demanding. Preparation is key to overcoming this challenge and ensuring your returns operation can cope with peak volumes.  

That’s where it helps to partner with third parties to assist. For example, postal carriers, transport services, warehouse operators, and software providers. All of which have the knowledge, resources, and experience to help you cope with peak season returns.  


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