13 November 2020

How Have Our Teams Responded to the Covid-19 Pandemic?

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been unlike any other. A year that has had a huge impact on all our personal and professional lives. 

With a company culture that promotes an open and collaborative working environment, the Covid-19 pandemic threw us into unfamiliar waters. Yet although a closed office and social distancing may seem to challenge this culture, we ensured that throughout the pandemic, we remained in close collaborative contact with our colleagues, partners, and clients. To ensure we could continue ‘business-as-usual’ no matter what.  

Early on we prepared for a new daily reality in anticipation of the changes to come. We ensured that our teams across the globe were ready for a new way of working. Including home office and IT setups which would enable us to stay connected and productive. Our HR policies were also updated to secure clarity and uniformity in our new day-to-day working lives. To keep spirits high, we arranged fun virtual social gatherings and shared gifts with our colleagues. 

This preparation helped us to maintain business continuity, and despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re very proud to share that our business has witnessed incredible growth this year. We’ve partnered with new clients, expanded our solutions in the North American market, and have excitingly welcomed many new faces to our team from all over the world.  

In response to our growth, we’ve had 20 new colleagues join us this year so far. Of which most were hired during the pandemic months alone in roles spanning various departments. Positions including logistics managers, software developers, data analysts, product owners, marketers, sales talent, and customer service representatives.  

Despite the unprecedented nature of this year, with an expanding team to facilitate our growing business we’re excited to see what’s to come. Hopefully, soon we can all share this together in-person.