02 September 2020

Reducing Lead Times to Optimize Your Returns Flow

  • Do you have a returns backlog?  
  • Overwhelmed by customer service requests? 

  • Looking for support during peak times?  

These are all issues that retailers commonly face with returns management. Finding solutions to these complaints can save your brand both time and money. That’s where Cycleon can help! With years of experience in reverse logistics, we understand that reducing lead times is key to optimizing any returns flow.  

Getting this right will bring a whole host of benefits, including lowering your total cost of ownership, freeing up time for other operations, increasing your customer experience and improving your brand image. 


Optimizing the First Mile 

Optimizing the first mile is an essential step towards reducing your overall lead time. The quicker returns arrive back at a local distribution center, the better. For your customers, they will be able happy to receive their refunds faster. While for your business, costs can be saved as value recapturing services may begin quickly and the process of reselling can begin.