04 February 2020

The Delivery Conference, London 2020: Live Blog

Follow our updates below for live coverage of the day's events:

8:50 am - Opening comments and insights from Bruce Fair, Chief Revenue Officer at Metapack. Peak season success is a key focus and will be an essential building block in the future of e-commerce reverse logistics. Sustainability will also take a seat front-and-center within the industry. 

9:00 am - Martin Newman from The Customer First Group discusses the current state of retail and future predictions. Although there is a general sentiment that highstreet shopping is decreasing in popularity among consumers, Martin is keen to challenge this. Highstreet retail is still utilized by consumers. However, brands and retailers need to understand that they are no longer only selling goods, but now services. This is an important factor to consider when looking into the future of retail. In a similar fashion to Fair, Newman notes on the diminishing sense of consumerism among shoppers. Conscious consumption is on the rise, which goes hand-in-hand with the increasing amount of sustainable initiatives being introduced to retail, delivery, and returns. 

9:40 am - Global Managing Director of Post and Parcel Industry, Accenture, Brody Buhler, makes interesting comments about the importance of instant gratification in e-commerce and the fact that this remains a key focus for big-name retailers. Free delivery is highlighted as a desire that consumers will continue to demand. Free and fast delivery is highly influential on other metrics for brands and retailers such as profit margins and customer loyalty. It is clear to see how this insight can also be applied to attitudes towards consumer returns. The importance of technological innovation is also highlighted and in turn, the growing automatization of fulfillment capabilities.

10:15 am - Sustainability yet again proves itself to be a recurring theme in today's discussions. Professionals and experts from an array of companies discuss the importance of greener initiatives going forward on the panel 'Sustainability: For Our Children's Children'. As a sustainable choice, Cycleon aligns with the 'Planet, Profit, People' approach currently being broached. 

To read Cycleon's insights into reverse logistics and sustainability, check out our 6-part Sustainability Series: https://www.cycleon-revlog.com/news/535/sustainability-series-16-returning-value-unwanted-items.

11:20 am - After a short break, the seminars recommence with AO Logistics and a delve into the topic of customer experience. The subject of sustainability makes another appearance, making it clear that this is a top consideration in many different areas of e-commerce, whether in fashion retail or the electronics sector. AO discusses how adopting greener initiatives is just one-way to cater to customers; helping them to make more sustainable choices. 

11:40 am - Ben Farrell from Waitrose and John Lewis and Partners begins an engaging conversation on their company's recent observations about customer experience. Farrell raises the topic of omnichannel interactions with shoppers and how this is continually expanding; and in doing so, changing the nature of retail and consumer/retailer contact. It is easy to see how this logic also applies to returns and reverse logistics. Growing channels for sales will naturally affect the ways in which retailers reach out to their customers for returns. 

A different approach to sustainability is discussed, one which has not yet been mentioned today, and that is the influence of millennial shoppers. Farrell explains that their business has noticed an increased demand from younger consumers to adopt greener measures. He notes that when certain changes have been made, revenue has in fact increased in response to the introduction of more sustainable practices and consumers admit that more eco-friendly initiatives have enhanced their customer experience. 

12:20 pm - As lunchtime quickly approaches, The Very Group talks about the impact and influence of data science when optimizing customer experience channels. Although data informs multiple sectors, including marketing, fulfillment, and sales, the importance of data in delivery logistics is highlighted as a value-driver.

At Cycleon, we understand that this logic is also relevant for returns. Value can be captured and maintained when a retailer prioritizes customer experience. As with delivery, it is crucial that the returns process is also optimized, streamlined and catered towards consumer demands. This will go a long way towards increasing customer lifetime value. 

14:30 pm - The afternoon sessions kick-off with a series of discussions focused on the future of e-commerce and solutions. 

15:40 pm - The final portion of the day approaches and with it, the anticipation of the Delivery Excellence Awards, to be presented by Steve Homan from Metapack. Cycleon is nominated in the 'Delivery Partners - Best Use of Innovation' category for our Service Centre Application (SCA).

To learn more about our portal, follow the link: https://www.quicktapsurvey.com/survey/a8489654652e71ef2a4241a21f15c30b

16:20 pm - CEO of Satalia, Daniel Hulme leads a presentation on the role of data intelligence and AI in decision-making within the logistics field. 

16:50 pm - At the end of an exciting day, it's time for the Delivery Excellence Awards. Cycleon are finalists for the 'Delivery Partners - Best Use of Innovation' award. 

17:05 pm - Closing remarks from Metapack's John Clem ends what has been both an insightful and productive day at The Delivery Conference here in London.