14 October 2019

We are attending Consumer Returns Management 2019 in Austin

At the end of this month, from October 21st to 23rd, Cycleon/RLGA will be attending the Consumer Returns exhibition in Austin, Texas. Here, we are looking forward to the opportunity to be able to promote and showcase our services to a variety of notable and international brands.

Annually, product returns are growing in number and consumers are only demanding more from the process. The event provides a valuable space where returns management leaders and retailers are able to openly discuss the challenges ahead and share what processes or innovations have succeeded in the past.

Cycleon/RLGA will be joined by a number of high-profile brands, including tech giants, leading fashion brands and top electronic retailers. A total of 350 companies will be attending the exhibition to learn more about how to lower their return numbers, prevent fraudulent activity and improve the returns experience as a whole, for both consumers and retailers, while maintaining profits.  

We are also proud to be speaking at the event and are excited to impart what we have learned. CEO of RLG, Patrick Wiedemann, will be delivering a keynote presentation on global returns and international reverse logistics on the first day of the exhibition.

For further information on Cycleon/RLG’s services and experience, guests at the exhibition are invited to plan a meeting with Patrick Wiedemann, Dennis van Appeldorn or Joseph Valentine through the following link: https://www.rlgamericas.com/contact.

Click here to learn more: https://consumerreturns.wbresearch.com/.