18 July 2019

Recare rebranded

Cycleon-Recare, the sister organization of Cycleon, performs a vital role within the Cycleon returns process and is best known for offering an end-to-end service for the refurbishment, treatment and resell of returned items including electronics, domestic appliances and apparel. After careful consideration the executive team has agreed that merging the two brands will provide a much better solution for clients on a much more stable platform.

General Manager, Jelle Schoenmaker said “Now that the Cycleon Recare activities fall under the Cycleon brand, we can offer repair, refurbishment and resell activities as a service. By developing a new standard service and pricing model, we can now run all activities from a single software platform and provide clients with data insight and advanced reporting on their returns.

Cycleon's refurbishment activities create a sustainable and compliant solution for customer returns throughout Europe.

New services performed by Cycleon include:

  • Repair & Refurbishment
  • Parts harvesting
  • Product Audit
  • Remarketing
  • Compliant Recycling

Cycleon offers a complete reverse logistics solution under one division all enabled by a single system. Each step in the returns process is now managed end-to-end aiming to get maximum value recovery for the clients.


Smart routing of refurbishment activities

The refurbishment activities are done through Cycleons’ newly developed Service Centre Application (SCA) which enables smart decisions in the routing process from:

  • Registration & Grading
  • Testing
  • Refurbishment/Repair/Reconditioning
  • Prepare for resell / Recycle


How does it work?

Cycleon registers all items, which it handles through its return process. All information on an item is captured with SCA, which combines:

  • Generic product data, such as category, brand, model number, value, etc
  • Specific product data, such as condition, completeness, etc

This dynamically reroutes the unique item to its best possible next destination for maximum value recovery. In below image it is visually made clear how SCA works.

How is a product smartly routed?


Clients like Kenwood, Delonghi, Braun and Electrolux, and three major international apparel brands are the first clients to make use of SCA for their returned products, with many more clients now to follow.

Interested to hear what the possibilities of Cycleon or SCA are for your organization? Then please leave your details behind and we will get in touch with you.