Printing and Imaging

Products are returned for warranty and service reasons or because a product has reached its end-of-life. Regardless the return reason you have to ensure your customers are enabled with a clear and convenient return process.

For the Printing & Imaging industry Cycleon offers compliant international return solutions that focus on end-of-life and service returns being supported by Cycleon's online registration portal. Whether your requirements are set by your corporate responsibilities, marketing and loyalty programs or your service departments, Cycleon is able to manage all of your returns, supported by our single management platform. Via our reporting portal we provide full transparency in the supply chain which generates reporting that is useful for marketing purposes, future sales and product development.

Cycleon offers various solutions for the take back of both single and bulk returns. Depending on your strategy and requirements, we can recycle and refurbish the returns. We add value with services such as sending out empty return boxes, opening boxes for content check and product registration.

For the specific challenges and services offering of Cycleon for warranty and service returns, please click here.


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Main characteristics:

  • Solutions for Manufacturers and brand owners
  • Combination of excellent IT platform and Logistics
  • Cycleon Platform as a service for ultimate customer experience
  • International solutions with core activities in Europe
  • B2B and C2B return solutions
  • Optimization, centrally managed with central and or local return solutions
  • Choice of return services: drop-off, pick-up, send-in
  • Internationally proven cases by serving the majority of the Printing & Imaging industry
  • Flexibility in setup, selection of services and growth paths
  • End-to-end transparency and control
  • Portals for registration, service and reporting purposes