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Fashion and Apparel

With our customer-friendly solution we support the Dressing Room @ Home while minimizing cost. Whether your returns are handled online or via retail stores Cycleon is able to offer solutions.  Returns should be part of your strategy and are directly linked to your Customer Service. Whether you would like to promote Free Returns or want to offer a local Send-in address, different return strategies require different services.

One of the most important aspects is having the right data, at the right time, in order to take the appropriate action, like refunding your customer, sending out a replacement or simply to answer your customer’s queries.

Cycleon, as the leading Supply Chain and Service integrator, has proven cases providing its clients with the right visibility and control, needed to reduce cost, while greatly improving customer satisfaction and retention. With our international returns solutions, you get the flexibility and insight to adapt to changing market conditions and growth. Whether you operate centralized or de-centralized, local solutions are needed to fulfil your customer’s desires.

To select the best fit returns solution for fulfilling your requirements, Cycleon will discuss the following aspects together with you: speed, customer convenience, cultural differences and available budgets.

We optimize your multi-channel return flow and add value with services like smart sorting, content checks and remarketing locally or centrally.

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Main characteristics:

  • Solutions for Retailers, e-Tailers, Brands, Distributors and Fulfilment Partners
  • Combination of Excellent IT platform and Logistics
  • Cycleon Platform as a Service for Ultimate Customer Experience
  • International solutions with core activities in Europe
  • B2B and C2B returns solution
  • Optimization, centrally managed with central and or local returns solution
  • Choice of returns services: drop-off, pick-up, send-in
  • Proven cases by Serving the largest r(e)-tailers internationally
  • Flexibility in setup, selection of services and growth paths
  • End-to-end transparency and control