E-Commerce and Retail

E-Commerce and Retail

Consumer experience is key when offering a return option to your customer. Offering the right service is often driven by your competitive landscape, rules and legislation.

Dealing with the constraints in your supply chain such as time, visibility, floor space, systems and resources, Cycleon is able to offer internationally flexible and scalable solutions for B2C, B2B and multi-channel. Through the single management platform and integration options, it is quick and easy to setup, flexible to change and grow together with your ambitions and changing market conditions.

By offering a cost effective solution that is easy to manage together with your teams, you are able to focus on your core business, while benefiting from increased retention and conversion rates, reducing complexity. Cycleon offers various choices in services, whether you need a drop-off, pick-up or send-in service, we can offer you a wide selection by using local postal services, alternative drop-off services, pick-up services and international express services.

We are able to further increase your visibility, control and value recovery by offering different services such as content check, product registration, advanced sorting, smart routing and quality grading. 

Creating full insight in the process through track-and-trace, data capturing and reporting, we provide you with the control and ability to take action accordingly; reducing refund lead-times, increasing value recovery and customer experience, resulting in increased sales at lower cost.


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Main characteristics:

  • Solutions for Retailers, e-tailers, Brands, Distributors and fulfilment partners
  • Combination of excellent IT platform and Logistics
  • Cycleon Platform as a service for ultimate customer experience
  • International solutions with core activities in Europe
  • B2B and C2B returns solution
  • Optimization, centrally managed with central and or local returns solution
  • Choice of returns services: drop-off, pick-up, send-in
  • Internationally proven cases serving numerous r(e)-tailers
  • Flexibility in setup, selection of services and growth paths
  • End-to-end transparency and control