How will Cycleon help my organization with reverse logistics?




What are the benefits of working with Cycleon?


A global solution with a local touch:

Our global presence means that our returns solution is easily scalable to both existing and new markets. Our solution is flexible and can be easily customized through our modular approach.

Improved customer experience:

By reducing the refund lead time and promoting transparency with the consumer, our returns solution is designed to exceed your customer’s expectations.   

Smart-routing and retaining the value of returns:

Our value-added-services deliver data about your returns early-on. Information about the nature of these returned goods help you to decide where to smartly route these products in order to retain their value.

Reduced customer service costs:

By automizing the returns procedure, we ensure that the parcel journey is transparent and that refunds can be delivered faster. This, in turn, will lessen the amount enquiries directed towards your customer service.

Reduce DC disruption and focus on outbound:

Receive ordered, sorted and consolidated pallets of your items, ready to put back in stock.

Get rid of the hassle of returns in your back office:

We manage the full return cycle for you. Spare your team from managing the carriers, warehouses contracts and relationships.

Make data driven decisions:

Analyze customer’s returns behavior and get financial insights on your total reverse logistics flow.


Who are our existing clients?

Our client portfolio consists of many international A-brands; mainly within the fashion and electronic industry, either in e-commerce or retail. Our clients are among the largest in the world and are often either in the Fortune 500 or Forbes most valuable brands and are based mainly in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe.


Where are our solutions currently active?

We currently offer returns management solutions throughout Europe, the USA, Canada, and Australia.


Where are we based?

As we’re a part of the Reverse Logistics Group, we have over twenty offices across four continents: Europe, Australia, USA, and Canada. We also have two offices in the Netherlands and the USA.