How does Cycleon make it easier for our end-customer?

How Cycleon makes it easier for your end-customer

We offer an online portal where your customers can easily:

+ Look up their order

+ Select which items they want to return

+ Find their nearest returns drop-off point

+ Track their return


Can your returns platform support multiple languages?

Yes, our self-service return portal is multilingual.


 Can your returns platform support multiple currencies? 

Yes, the payment module in our consumer returns platform supports multiple currencies.


Who pays for the return postage?

We make requirements in our IT-landscape according to agreements made with your organization. Do you offer free returns? Or at the consumers expense? Or, are your returns subsidized? We cater for all options.


Who prints the return label?

It depends on your own return policy who prints the return label.

E.g. A return label can be added in the box when the purchased item is shipped to the end-consumer, or the consumer pays for the postal costs in our returns portal before printing out the return label.