Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions are divided into six topics:

  • What you need to know about Reverse Logistics
  • How Cycleon can help your organization with Reverse Logistics
  • How Cycleon makes it easier for your end-customer
  • How to become our partner
  • How our services integrate
  • Transportation of goods

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What you need to know about Reverse Logistics

What is Reverse Logistics?

Reverse logistics is the term used for all operations related to the reuse of products and/ or materials. Goods are moved from their final destination for the purpose of capturing value. In Cycleon's case, refurbishing and resell activities are also included in the definition of reverse logistics. 

What is a good return policy?

Below details should be covered in your return policy:
  • The return policy
  • The refund policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • A privacy policy
A few examples of a customer friendly return policy:
  • Returning products should be as easy as purchasing products
  • Free of charge returns to ensure future sales
  • Inform your customer clearly on your return policy. Don’t hide it on the website
  • Give your clients a flexible return period
  • Increase consumer confidence by informing the customer again about the return policy during the checkout process.
  • Inform your customer clearly along the way in the return process
  • Reduce your refund lead time to max. 5 working daysBelow details that should be covered in your return policy.


How Cycleon can help your organization with Reverse Logistics

What are the benefits of working with Cycleon?

Trust Cycleon to handle your returns and benefit from:
  • A global solution with a local touch
    Because of our global presence, our returns solution is easily scalable to almost any European country, North America & Australia. At the same time, different set ups can be created depending on your business strategy in each country.
  • Improved customer journey & satisfaction
    Our solution is designed to satisfy your costumers when they complete their returns journey. It's achieved by making the return process transparent for the customer and by lowering the refunds lead time.
  • Quick refunds; quick re-buy.
  • Customer service costs reduction. 
    What is the percentage of the enquires related to returns that your CS team handles daily? We know the numbers are high. Automizing the returns procedure, making the parcel journey transparent & refund faster contributes towards cutting the CS enquiries.
  • Reduce DC disruption. Focus on outbound.
    Receive sorted & consolidated pallets with your items, all ready to put back in stock.
  • Smart business routing.
    Our value added services allows you to share the data on returned items early so you can decide where to route your returns depending on their condition & value.
  • Get rid of the returns hassle in your back office.
    We manage the full return cycle for you. Spare your team from managing the carriers & warehouses contracts & relationships.
  • Retain the value of your product.
    It is not a secret - the longer item stays in a return loop - the lesser it's value. Receive your "ready back to stock" item faster & derive more value from it. 
  • Make data driven decisions.
    Analyse customers returns behaviour & get financial insights on your total Reverse logistics flow

The average cost-saving with Cycleon is 49%. This return cost covers the entire return journey from your international customer all the way back to your warehouse.

Please let us advise how Cycleon's Return Management solution can benefit your organization. 


What is the difference between a solution and a service?

A solution is offered for a type of industry your company is in, or a specific holistic problem your organization is looking to solve . We offer solutions for E-Commerce, Retail, Repair and & Refurbish&Resell.

Each solution consists of multiple different services. To name a few services: Label in the box, Drop-off locator and Self Service portal. 


Who are clients of Cycleon?

The client portfolio consists of many international A-brands; mainly within the fashion and electronic industry either in E-com or Retail. Our clients are among the largest in the world and are often either in the Fortune 500 or Forbes most valuable brands and are based mainly Europe, the US Canada and Australia. A few of our clients wrote us a testimonial


In which continents is Cycleon active?

Cycleon offers Returns Management solutions throughout Europe, the USA & Canada and Australia. 


Where is the Cycleon office based?

Being part of Reverse Logistics Group (RLG), we have  20+  offices on four continents: Europe, Australia, USA and Canada. Cycleon headquarters is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


How Cycleon makes it easier for your end-customer

We offer a online self-service return portal where your customer can easily:

  • look up their order
  • select which items they want to return
  • find the nearest drop-off point through the drop-off locator
  • track their return.


Can your returns platform support multiple languages?

Yes, our self-service return portal is multilingual.


Can your returns platform support multiple currencies?  

Yes, the payment module in our consumer returns platform supports multiple currencies.


Who pays for the return postage?

Either way. Cycleon can make requirements in our IT-landscape according to agreements made with your organization. Do you offer free returns? Or at the consumers expense? Or are your return subsidized? 


Who prints the return label?

It depends on your own return policy who prints prints the return label. Do you offer free returns? Or at the consumers expense? Or are your return subsidized? 

For example the return label can be added in the box when the purchased item is shipped to the end-consumer, or the consumer pays for the postal costs in our returns portal before printing out the return label.


How to become our partner

How can I request an offer?

You can either call or e-mail us and we will get back to you within 24 hours on business days. 


Phone:  030 299 5500


What do I need to start working with Cycleon? 

Just schedule a call with one of our Account Managers and we would be happy to explain what's needed to start working with us. In order to give you a tailor made advice we would like to know a little more about country scope, volumes and the return parcel profile (dimensions, weight)


How our services integrate

How fast can I implement the Cyleon return solution?

How fast our return solution can be implemented depends on which solution is selected. In case the most basic return solution is chosen, the only thing you need to do is to 'create a return' through our Order Service API. If your organization has no problem in setting this up and, the solution can be implemented in just a few weeks.

Further technical details about the API can be found here.


Which data is needed from our organization to start implementation?

Which data we need from your organization before we can start the implementation depends on the solution which is chosen. In the most basic solution a Order Service API call is needed to be done anf the following data then needed:

  • Address details of the individual returning something
  • Your (return) order number
  • In case this return is done in a customs country:
    • Customs information for the items in the returned parcel
  • Certain postal services will have mandatory fields
    • For instance a pick-up service might need to know at which date the pick-up is scheduled.

Further technical details about the API can be found here.


Do we still need to integrate with the carriers separately or does Cycleon do that for us?

We manage all the carriers who we work with, also meaning your organization doesn't need to integrate with all the carriers seperately. That's one of the benefits of working with us.

Transportation of goods

Where are goods consolidated?

First, all the goods are consolidated locally, then they go on the linehaul to German hub where they get consolidated to the dedicated pallets that are delivered on dedicated transport to your DC.

I'm not sure whether i got everything correctly.. Also I think we should explain why our model works like this 


Which carriers do you work with?

We work with large international carriers such as DHL, UPS, DPD, as well as local carriers like Royal Mail, Swiss Post and La Poste. It depends how fast, at what costs goods need to arrive at destination and your carrier preferences to which carrier(s) are selected for the transportation. Cycleon works with carriers with the widest drop off networks in each country. 


Who do I contact when a good is not received on our end?

We're sorry to hear you didn't receive the goods you were expecting. Please contact our Customer Success Team to resolve the issue through: 


Phone: 030 299 5555