our clients

Our clients

We have a large client portfolio of many international renowned A+ brands: from fashion to electronics. And our client base is growing in more than 80 countries.

Why do our clients work with us?

Because we are devoted experts

At Cycleon we are extremly devoted to our clients. Our top of the game brain-gineers make it their mission to find the perfect return solutions in each setting for everyone. Connecting the dots in our network, making smart use of our worldwide available resources and continuously improving the way our clients manage their product returns is what excites us.

Because we offer holistic end-to-end solutions

Another reason why global brands choose Cycleon to manage their after sales product returns, is because of our unique holistic solutions for after sales returns management. We will help you end-to-end. Operating in all stages of your logistic journey, is why we can really make a difference.


Fun fact: did you know that when you've ever returned a package, you've probabliy already made use of a Cycleon's solution?


Top 3 motivations of why our clients work with us:

  • "Innovative & industry-leading solutions"
  • "Boundless benefits of global network"
  • "Driven and dedicated professionals"


Philips logo

Kevin Cheesman | Queries & Returns Operations Manager | Philips

“The positive thing about Cycleon is how well we work together in partnership. Philips has a complex returns process which Cycleon have supported in a way that is over and above our expectations and have always looked to support & drive continuous improvement”

Jabra logo

Martin A. de J. Hartvigsen | Senior Director, Jabra Support & Services | GN Audio A/S

“We have been working with Cycleon for almost 10 years now because of their expertise and flexibility in establishing network and solutions for our needs - especially in the aftermarket services arena, where Cycleon as a global player makes it easy for us to operate and scale our reverse logistic models in a structured manner across markets. Like this, we have been able to expand our services for our Jabra product portfolio outside of Europe to Australia and North America. In the future we will be looking at entering more countries with Cycleon to bring the most seamless return models to our BtB and BtC customers.”

Nikon logo

Joachim Hofmann | General Manager Service & Support | Nikon

"Using Cycleon’s Carrier Management know-how allowed us to focus our efforts on building an easy-to-use front-end-technology for our website where customers can request to send a parcel in.  We embedded a comprehensive distribution-matrix with set rules to utilize Cycleon’s flexible return solutions to the full extent. For example we can now follow geographical service options, current local capacity situations or local tool availability. Saving efforts and shortening the return-logistic-process for our customers."

April Luff | Customer Experience Manager | Smart Nora

"Although we have only started our partnership with Cycleon at the beginning of 2019, it feels like the beginning of a solid relationship. Cycleon is pleasant to work with, from the initial consultation all the way through implementation. Cycleon is always fast in responding to our inquiries and we are impressed by the level of service and support they provide. Smart Nora certainly recommends RLGA/ Cycleon as the go to Reverse logistics solution."